Garden maintenance

Already December and until 36 hours ago there were still leaves on the deciduous trees, but I think that the latest storm has brought the last ones down and it’s time to have a final clear-up.

But today the priority was to plant a new climbing rose on the right hand boundary. “City of York”, vigorous, and should cope with poor soil even in the shade of a North facing wall – but it will soon be above that and in the trellis. It’s to replace a long established Akebia quinata that is getting too much for me to control.

Every few weeks it has grown yet again – six feet or more into the Cashmere Cyprus, which it is eager to overwhelm. This requires tottering on the top of a ladder to deal with and I have had to take drastic action, thinking of my age and ladders. It has a big impact on the neighborhood, so six months ago I warned the most immediately affected of its impending doom next year, immediately after Garden Open Day (NGS) on June 1st.

This is a desolate time of year, but already there are the first signs of activity below the ground as the first snowdrop bulb shoots appear.

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