Website Construction

I am not really clear about all the technical aspects of the website, but for those thinking of doing something similar, here are a few impressions of the process.

First of all, “The proof of the pudding….” We are amateurs with a techno wizard nephew for occasional backup. Given that, it took about a month and is, I hope you will think, possible.

Another point is that it has all been free, apart from the monthly fee to the server to which we transferred the completed project. It is quite extraordinary what is available free.

We constructed the site on WordPress and Facebook simultaneously. I was alarmed to see all our trials and mistakes appearing on my Facebook page and then relieved to discover that it was only visible to me until published yesterday! Some of the collections of pictures appearing unexplained would have been a puzzle to many people.

WordPress is used for the main structure and I use it for the Blog. Facebook is much more forgiving (picture size, for instance) for assembling the galleries of pictures. Between the two of them they lead to a larger audience, but critically, because of the link, anything posted on one is simultaneously available on the other.

Below all that of course are brightly coloured shoals of technical fish that I can just see below the surface and, deeper still, complete mysteries of codes and marvels lurking round thermal vents deep below any depth that I could survive without getting the bends.

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