Website Launch Day

It’s been an exciting few weeks getting the website ready to launch. I realized that it was an essential tool if I am to attract interest in my bottles from the wider world. I could feel the blank space when people asked what my work is like. But it’s also a record for me of an extraordinary period of my life. I’ve often thought of recording remarkable episodes in my adventure but there’s always a new one current to delay going back to the past.

With that in mind, the incorporated blog is a way of dipping into my memory and posting little episodes of a totally different nature as well as, as in this case, some thoughts about the present. Having had a camera of some sort for most of my life I can usually find illustrations too, although some are a bit of a challenge to get into a digital form. Yesterday I was using a little slide viewer that arrived in the post to look at my many pictures of Nigeria in 1965. They are an absolute treasure trove and I’ll delay quoting more of my diary from those days until I can illustrate them with contemporary pictures. Even I have only read all the volumes once since writing it. I was sitting on the lawn at our family home outside Oxford and remember a robin perching on my foot while I did so.

I have entered into a further adventure – to share with you.


The family home, Redwood, under construction in 1957.
Some years later I was reading my diary just about where this picture was taken from.

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