Hot from the Kiln


I kept quiet about my last firing and had better remain so, although probably the explosions were noisy. Fortunately nobody was there in the night to hear.

Today I’m much happier; I have about 30 “tea bowls”, all quite different and all, in their various ways, with some beauty for their maker when looked at individually. It’s odd how the feeling of reasonable satisfaction when the kiln is first opened matures to real pleasure when each piece is examined individually. Their individual qualities are important to them.

They’re much smaller and quite different from my usual “bottles” but they do use partially mixed clays for the agate effect and in some, copper oxide mixed with the body to give a greenish hue. I have one new glaze that I’m pleased with and potters might be surprised by the reduced, copper red in another coming out of an electric kiln, but it’s not really magic!


IMG_1033_2 IMG_1038_2 IMG_1040_2 IMG_1045_2 IMG_1055_2 IMG_1058_2 IMG_1077_2 IMG_1078_2 IMG_1081_2 IMG_1084_2 IMG_1086_2 IMG_1089_2 IMG_1099_2 IMG_1102_2 IMG_1103_2 IMG_1107_2 IMG_1112_2 IMG_1115_2 IMG_1118_2 IMG_1034_2

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