Coming to life again.

Due to considerable, serious distractions over this past year it has been a relatively non productive period for my ceramics and the website need serious renovation as well. However, there have been some significant developments.

We’ve had a Posh Shed built at the end of the garden and this has been named “The Potting Shed”, an indication of its future purpose.






I painted the inside white leaving the wood trim unpainted to make it look a little as though it has Japanese paper screen walls





Two days ago I spent the day assembling the Dexion shelving to rehouse the pots that I have in the house and garage. Then yesterday I started to move the pots. For the large number in the garage, to avoid leaving the front door open for a long time, this meant moving them to the front doorstep in batches, then through the house to outside the garden door where they got dusted before taking them to The Potting Shed at the end of the garden. The job is about half done, but I need a break before doing the rest!


Now I need to get a 30A electricity supply to the shed and I am hoping that I can get a kiln that will fit in this corner:


If I can and I am tidy and compact, then I am sure that there will be room for my wheel, a wedging bench and a sink. Clay can live in a weather proof chest outside in what’s left of One Tree Wood. The one tree itself remains with The Potting Shed built round it.

So there are signs of life again in the old dog …..

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