Our world will be in order again in the new year.

Tonight is the private view of the London Potters Members’ Exhibition and it will be my first public appearance for quite a while. There are 90 exhibitors and we are allowed only 3 pots each, so it will be an interestingly varied show.


Life is bewildering at the moment. The house is having major and long deferred subsidence insurance work done and we are in temporary accommodation. We’re also having major renovations immediately following the insurance work, as this hasn’t been substantially tackled since I salvaged the derelict house nearly 40 years ago. This means immense disruption at the moment, but we look forward to returning to a brand new, 1840 house in the new year.


Part of the work involves rewiring, including a 40A cable to the new Potting Shed at the end of the garden. The kiln is ordered and as soon as we have power Northern Kilns will come and install it. The wheel that I brought with me from Harrow is already there and although it will all be very cosy there is space for a tidy studio.  My journey towards old age as a potter will then commence.


When we left the house the acers were looking the best that I remember. I hope that the garden can survive the winter untended and be brought back up to standard in time for Garden Open Day next year. Meanwhile we occlude the present and look forward to a bright future.




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