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Our world will be in order again in the new year.

Tonight is the private view of the London Potters Members’ Exhibition and it will be my first public appearance for quite a while. There are 90 exhibitors and we are allowed only 3 pots each, so it will be an

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Coming to life again.

Due to considerable, serious distractions over this past year it has been a relatively non productive period for my ceramics and the website need serious renovation as well. However, there have been some significant developments. We’ve had a Posh Shed

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Hot from the Kiln

I kept quiet about my last firing and had better remain so, although probably the explosions were noisy. Fortunately nobody was there in the night to hear. Today I’m much happier; I have about 30 “tea bowls”, all quite different

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Material Matters. Final Show, July 2012

A lovely review of Harrow Ceramics Final Show “Material Matters” by Christina Lai  has just been published in Ceramics Art and Perception, Issue 94, pp 73-77. The show was in July 2012, so it’s long after the event but very

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Abuja Pottery

I have just come across this photograph that I took in December 1965 as I was driving round Nigeria in an old and indestructible Peugeot and passed through Abuja.   This was long before I thought that I’d have a

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On my way to the studio today, thinking about new glazes to make when I got there it occurred to me that I should test them, like all grown up potters. But I realized that I wasn’t going to and

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve been bowling along this afternoon, first in Tippecanoe on his first trip to the studio, through the quiet Sunday streets, then fiddling with the new tea bowls. They’re not dry enough for bisque firing for a while yet in

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Back to work for 2014

This was my second day back at the studio. We had a peaceful break in Venice for our annual gathering with friends there for the New Year but I promised myself that I’d be back at work on the first

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