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Our world will be in order again in the new year.

Tonight is the private view of the London Potters Members’ Exhibition and it will be my first public appearance for quite a while. There are 90 exhibitors and we are allowed only 3 pots each, so it will be an

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Up the Garden Path

This is the Acer that good friends helped me (or rather, I helped them) to re-pot last autumn after one of the storms blew it over and smashed it’s previous pot. It looks as though it’s been in its new

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Abuja Pottery

I have just come across this photograph that I took in December 1965 as I was driving round Nigeria in an old and indestructible Peugeot and passed through Abuja.   This was long before I thought that I’d have a

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Christmas Day Cruising

Am I too late to recall Christmas day? In late January, winter doesn’t seem to have displaced the monsoon season yet so I’ll indulge myself. It was a quiet day for us, anticipating our annual trip to Venice for The

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Sunday Evening Thoughts

I’ve been bowling along this afternoon, first in Tippecanoe on his first trip to the studio, through the quiet Sunday streets, then fiddling with the new tea bowls. They’re not dry enough for bisque firing for a while yet in

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A winter day in the garden.

This picture is from a few weeks ago. All the coloured leaves are gone now but it was a lovely, mild, sunny day here in Islington. I’ve spent the day in the garden. The big job was to spread the contents

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A flight to Nigeria. (1965)

On September 29th, 1965 I flew to Nigeria for three months. I was the most fortunate recipient of a Nuffield Foundation Travelling Scholarship in Tropical Medicine and was embarking on one of the most formative experiences of my life. I

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Another ‘Queen Mary’ anecdote. (1955)

I was a curious and observant young man with a lot of spare time on my several Atlantic crossings. Of course I wanted to explore the whole ship, but class distinction was very strict indeed for, as I mentioned, if

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Travelling on RMS “Queen Mary” (1955)

When I was a schoolboy I used to travel to the USA to visit the rest of my family for the summer holidays. The only way to go was by sea and however grand or lowly you were, we were

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Garden maintenance

Already December and until 36 hours ago there were still leaves on the deciduous trees, but I think that the latest storm has brought the last ones down and it’s time to have a final clear-up. But today the priority

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