Gallery: Final degree show and after

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Not knowing how much of the department would still be standing when we finished we decided early to have our final show elsewhere and settled on The Rag Factory off Brick Lane. This was a most satisfactory decision and it was indeed The Final Show, after 49 years, of Harrow Ceramics. We associated with a show for past graduates and teachers at Contemporary Applied Art and our teachers also had a small, carefully non-competitive show with us at The Rag Factory.

It was immensely successful and being by far the oldest student I made the speech thanking all our teachers on behalf of the seven of us graduating and all our predecessors. Rather emotional…

Two weeks later we had New Designers at The Agricultural Hall in Islington where all the schools of art & design from the UK show off after the end of their courses. From that I was asked by the Bevere Gallery in Worcester to be one of the potters in their New Graduates show the following February and I was featured in The Folksy Magazine.